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  1. Hi,
    my name is Nicole and I just applied to the MPP program at the university of erfurt. I wanted to ask you, what was your GPA before you got into school? and did they ask you for your highschool grades?

    Thanks in advance ;),


    1. My GPA from my Bachelor's degree was a 3.5 (approx. German 1,7). They did not ask for my high school grades, but I did have to give a copy of my high school diploma.

  2. Hey I am an American senior and I play to study medicine in germany any tips?

  3. Hi,

    i´m a german med student and just thought i´d reply to your question. So i hope it helps and if you´re here already studying medicine, congratulations.

    Firstly, are you planning on staying in Germany/EU? Because if you are planning on going back to the US you would have to take your boards etc since german medical studies are quite different.

    Otherwise i´d advise you to just check the homepages of the various Universities offering medical studies. They'll normally have an extra section for foreign students, which should give you all the Information you need.


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