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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

My Annual Trip to the German Bakery

As much as I have integrated into German culture, there is one custom I do not regularly taken part in: buying bread from the bakery.

Kürbisstuten: German pumpkin bread

Bakeries are a big part of traditional German culture, and I remember being shocked with how many bakeries there are (and how popular they are) when I first came to Germany in 2011. Unfortunately, I am not a big bread-eater, and heaven knows that I do not need more sweets and pastries in my life. So, I avoid bakeries. In fact, I have probably only bought something from a bakery about 10 times during my 3 years in Germany. That's nothing considering most Germans seem to go at least once per week.

Kürbisstuten: German pumpkin bread

However, there is one specific item that draws me to the bakery each November: Kürbisstuten.

For my American palate, pumpkin-flavored food items are seriously lacking in Germany. So, I was seriously excited when I found this delicious pumpkin bread 2 years ago, which I bought for Thanksgiving dinner. Just to clarify, this bread is not sweet like most American pumpkin breads probably would be. However, it does still have a slight sweetness, somewhat like cornbread. It is simply a delicious, moist bread with small pieces of pureed pumpkin throughout.

Kürbisstuten: German pumpkin bread

Quick side story: Marco never heard of Kürbisstuten before I randomly bought it from the bakery 2 years ago. So, when picking one up the other day, he asked the baker for a "Kürbisstute," assuming that Kürbisstuten was the plural form. It isn't. Turns out, a Stuten is a type of sweet yeast bread (Kürbis means pumpkin). A Stute, on the other hand, is a mare (female horse).

Kürbisstuten: German pumpkin bread

To eat it, I like to cut off thick slices, toast it until lightly browned in the toaster, and spread on lots of butter. The bread goes especially well with chili, in my opinion, which is also one of my favorite meals during Autumn. Mmmm...

What is your favorite German bakery item?

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