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Thursday, March 26, 2015

My First Semester of Grad School in Germany

After finishing my last exam paper yesterday, it is official! I am done with my first semester of graduate school in Germany! YAY!

First Semester of Graduate School in Germany

Here's a look back at everything I accomplished this semester (in numbers):

6 grad school courses

...4 of which were in German and 2 of which were in English (thank goodness). For my undergrad, I only ever had to take 5 courses each semester, so balancing 6 was fairly challenging.

2 final exams

One was in English, thank goodness. However, the other one wasn't, and that was by far the hardest thing I did all semester. Translated to English, the course was titled "Theoretical contexts of the cultural sciences." Doesn't that sound like a load of fun? Anyways, check out my last blog post to read more about it, which was appropriately titled "The Final Exam from Hell."

3 presentations

Two of my courses required that I give a presentation. The first was in English, so that wasn't too big of a deal. However, I also had to give 2 in German! Those were both pretty terrifying, but they went pretty smoothly!

4 term papers

I much prefer writing papers to taking final exams. I finished my last term paper yesterday, which means I have nearly 2 weeks of vacation (besides working 15 hours/week) before the new semester starts!

7 classes for next semester

Was my first semester in Germany perfect? Hell no. But everything worked out in the end, and for that I am grateful. I am also still a part of the program and have signed up for 7 classes for the summer semester, which goes from April through September. Wish me luck!


  1. Wow you are a super star, I couldn't even imagine taking courses in another language!

  2. Don't speak too soon. I have only gotten one of my grades back so far...

  3. I always get confused over the term 'grad school' since we don't use it in the UK. Does it mean Masters studies or PhD?

    For us, it's undergraduate studies for the Bachelors, (post)graduate studies for the Masters and PhD, or doctorate for PhD studies sometimes.

  4. Interesting. In the US (and in Germany) it is undergraduate (Bachelor's), graduate (Master's), and post-graduate (phD).

  5. enjoy your short vacation from school, and good luck juggling seven classes next semester!

  6. Congratulations. Enjoy your break

  7. Yay! Congratulations for accomplishing all of that. I really admire that - I have no desire to go back to school any time soon! :-D Enjoy your break and fingers crossed that your grades reflect all of your hard work!


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