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Monday, September 8, 2014

Top 5 European Cities to Visit Next

During my time abroad, I have been very fortunate to see some truly beautiful cities. But at the same time, there are still so many places left to go. For instance, I have only visited 5 of what the Huffington Post listed as the top 50 cities to see in your lifetime.

Red=Visited     Blue=Lived     Yellow=Want to Visit

By scrolling around this map, you can see all of the places that I have already been are marked in red. Click on any of the pins to see the city name.

I was very lucky to have traveled around the U.S. a lot as a child, and the only major region that I still have yet to visit in the U.S. is the West Coast. Since I am currently living in Germany, however, I am focusing all of my current attention (and money) European destinations.

You will find the top five destinations I want to see in yellow. Germany itself is already covered in red pins, but all of the neighboring countries are quite bare. So, here are the top 5 European destinations I would love to visit next:

1. Copenhagen

Copenhagen is about 5 hours away from Lüneburg, and the trip can be made by train for less than 100 Euro. So, this city tops my list of places to go.

Copenhagen by JamesZ_Flickr
With a rich history as a Viking fishing village, Copenhagen is quite unique among European cities. Yet, as Denmark's capital with over one million residents, it is also a major cultural and economic hub. This makes it it a great city to both awe at fairy tale-esque architecture as well as enjoy great shopping and nightlife.

2. Nice

Whenever Marco and I talk about taking a beach vacation, the first words out of his mouth are always "Côte d'Azur." So, it is only natural that Nice is also on my list of the top 5 cities I want to visit next.
Located on the French Riviera, Nice is an incredibly popular vacation destination that is known for its beautiful waterfront. I would love to visit Castle Hill (Colline du Chateau), hike up to the top of Mont Boron, and swim in the picturesque blue sea. If you are wanting to go to Nice like me, the online hotel booking website Venere has a large number of hotels, B&B's, and apartments in the city.

3. London

Thanks to budget airlines like Ryanair, flying from Germany to London only costs around 50 Euro round-trip. Unfortunately, we would still have to budget quite a bit for a place to sleep in the city, which is why this is a trip that has not been made yet.

London, England by Tim Morris
As someone that has never been, there is probably not much that I could say about London that you do not already know. I must say, however, that the idea of walking around a foreign country where the native language is English and the streets resemble those of Germany much more than the U.S. will be quite strange. To keep costs down on this trip, Marco and I will probably end up taking this trip in the off-season, which is generally between November and April.

4. Amsterdam

Much like Copenhagen, Amsterdam is also just a 5-hour train ride away from where I live. So, what excuse do I have for not taking what would probably be one of the most amazing weekend trips of my life? None.

Amsterdam by Joao Maximo

With beautiful canals cutting through the city, Amsterdam is often known as the Venice of the North. However, I have a feeling that I will like Amsterdam much more than I would like Venice. Despite its party reputation, I would be most excited to simply meander around the city on foot or by bike and take in the city's unique atmosphere. Of course a stop into the city's world-famous museums such as the Anne Frank House and the Van Gogh Museum would be obligatory.

5. Cologne

If you look back at the map, then you will notice that there is a pretty big gap in Western Central Germany that I have not visited. I would like to fix this by visiting Cologne.

Groß St. Martin und Dom by Sebastien Bertrand
Best of all, Cologne is only 4 hours away by car or train, meaning that it could be another simple weekend trip (isn't living in Europe great?). Cologne is most famous for its cathedral, the Kölner Dom, which was actually the tallest building in the world in the late 1800s. If we are really feeling up to party, we could even visit during Karneval, which takes place in February and is the biggest celebration in Cologne.

So, those are my top 5 European cities I hope to visit next. 

What cities in Europe do you want to visit?

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  1. There are always new places to go! So many great cities, so little time! Copenhagen is on my list, too.

    There is no off season in London! ;-) Well, price-wise maybe, but in terms of being crowded/full of tourists... not really. I've never managed to find a time where it wasn't completely packed!

  2. I wouldn't expect anything less from a city of over 8 million! But yeah, I just mean hotel prices, which I think will always be a little hard to swallow as a student.

  3. Copenhagen is very cool, though I found the language to be terribly frustrating. There are many words that look similar to German and I kept thinking I could use my German pronunciation to sound them out and maybe pick up some phrases, but that always just ended in blank stares and a quick switch to English. Their pronunciation is just too absurd!

    And Cologne has a special place in my heart. Our former exchange student is from there, so now that I'm in Germany, any time I visit it's a little bit like visiting home since I can stay with Kiri and her family. It's such a cool and lively city -- definitely visit!

  4. Cologne doesn't seem to be not a popular place to travel for Germans here in Niedersachsen (or at least I never here anybody really talking about it), but you have definitely made me more excited to visit someday soon!

  5. Cologne is on our list too! and Copenhagen is one of those that could be a good option but we haven't gotten around to it.

  6. Definitely make it to Copenhagen! I was there several times last year, both prior to Christmas and saw the beautiful Tivoli Christmas Market, as well as for New Years! Of course, being in Germany I'm sure you are well accustomed to wonderful Christmas markets. The only change I would make to your list is to add Stockholm, Sweden! I live about an hour away, and even after all my European travels Stockholm is my favorite city. So beautiful, and so much to do!

  7. Copenhagen will probably be my first taste of Scandinavia, then Sweden and Norway will definitely be next on the list.

  8. Copenhagen tops my European bucket list! Hope I can make it in the next year :) And I'm so surprised to see Cologne on it, very intriguing!

  9. To be honest, I am not sure Cologne would be on it if I wasn't living in Germany already. But since I am here (and will be for at least another 2 years), I may as well see everything this country has to offer!

  10. Let me know if you need some budget accommodation recommendations for London! x

  11. I definitely will! Hopefully we can make the trip within the next year...

  12. Great list! I've been to Cologne, Copenhagen and London. We went to Copenhagen last year for the Christmas markets and honestly, we were disappointed. First, the city is stupid expensive, possibly even more so than London. A basic coffee was like $7 usd. Eating out at an average restaurant like $100 per person with drinks, of course. I also didn't like the fact you had to pay $20 just to enter the Tivoli Gardens! My post:

    Copenhagen was pretty, but I think I'd rank other European cities higher up on my travel list. :-) Like Budapest - lovely and less expensive!

  13. Those are some excellent picks, and considering your geographical position, quite achievable! When you go to Koeln, don't miss the Lindt chocolate factory! I remember that quite highly :) And seeing the Dom close up is just amazing.

  14. Gorgeous cities!! I am hoping I can come to Germany again! That is my wish :) I LOVED it there!


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