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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Student Visa Update

It has been two weeks since I wrote about the confusing process of getting a student visa in Germany. So, I figured I would post a little update about what has happened during this time.

German student visa update

My last post left off with me waiting for proof of enrollment in a public health insurance. Luckily, I received this just a few days later, meaning that I was able to head over to the dreaded Foreigner's Office and apply for my student visa.

Unfortunately, he would only give me a visa for one year, which means I will have to come back to get another one for the second year of my studies. But, one year is better than nothing. Now I just have to wait about 3 weeks for paperwork to go through Berlin.

So, here is where I now stand with all of my documents:

Official Student Enrollment

Open box Visa
 Health insurance

Student Visa

 Official student enrollment
 Health insurance

Health Insurance

Open box Non-temporary student enrollment

As soon as I get my student visa, I just have to head to the university to show it to them. Then, they will give me a non-temporary student ID, which I then have to show to the health insurance. After that, I should be all set for school to start in October!


  1. The visa process was a nightmare when I lived in Spain, so I can relate to the frustration. Congratulations on getting it approved!

  2. I've had to apply for a resident permit in Poland three times. I feel your pain! ;-)

  3. Comments like these make me feel a little bit better ;)

  4. Stories about visas always sound so complicated... I'm glad I don't need one for Germany as a citizen of the EU!


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