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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Netflix is Coming to Germany!

As an American expat living in Germany, I love streaming my favorite American TV shows and movies online. Unlike everyone in US, however, I do not do this via Netflix. That is, until now.

Netflix is coming to Germany!

Netflix has been talking about entering the German market for quite some time, with news sources discussing how difficult it will be for a new streaming platform to be accepted here. That isn't going to stop the American company from giving it the old college try, however, as they are set to launch on September 16.

As of today, if you go to, you simply see a screen that says the service will be available soon, allowing you to enter your email address so that you will be notified when it is released. Although, it has been reported that those subscribed to Netflix in the U.S. can already access Netflix-Deutschland.

Signing up for Netflix Germany

The biggest issue I have with other steaming platforms in Germany such as Amazon Prime Instant Video is that they only make the German-dubbed versions of English-language movies and TV series available to customers based in Germany.

According to those that were already able to access Netflix-Deutschland, customers are able to chose between original or German language. Hearing that alone makes me excited to sign up as soon as September 16th rolls around.

What online streaming platform do you use?


  1. That will cut your entertainment bill

  2. Quality streams of German films (and TV), yes! It's been unbelievably difficult finding them elsewhere online.

  3. The article said that they have American shows like The Walking Dead in both original and German language as well as popular German movies and TV shows like Stromberg, so it looks like it should be really good!

  4. Actually, Amazon Prime seems to be the only streaming service in German that *doesn't* offer original audio. The others I've looked at (Watchever, Maxdome, Snap) all do. There are tricks to get American Netflix working here (I use Unlocator yes, that is an affiliate link :-), the browser extension Hola works too), assuming American Netflix will take your money (they seem to require a US credit card).

  5. We also have Sky Go, and only a small percentage of movies and TV shows seem to be available in original language. As for the other providers, we tried Maxdome once, and they just had a horrible selection overall (you have to pay extra for anything that came out within in the past 5 years). So, I think Netflix will be a big improvement over everything that is already here.

    I heard if you have an American account you can automatically access Netflix Deutschland as long as you are in the country. So, maybe I will set up an account and then use the extensions you talked about to switch to Netflix USA if/when I want to (assuming it has different programs). Thanks for the links!


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