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Monday, September 1, 2014

3 Years Ago Today...

It was exactly 3 years ago today that I arrived in Germany for my semester abroad. This trip encompassed many "firsts" for me: first time traveling alone, first transatlantic flight, first time outside of the U.S.

So, I was quite nervous to say the least, and I definitely would have never guessed that this semester abroad would have such a huge impact on the rest of my life.

American Expat Journal

This is my journal entry from that fateful day. I wrote it during a 4-hour layover in the Zurich Airport. If you choose to read it, please do not laugh at my silly reactions to the transatlantic flight (keep in mind it was my first one).

I started this journal on the day I left Chicago, which was August 31, 2011. The first entry was written in O'Hare Airport. Unfortunately, I only ended up writing in this journal about 15 times during that semester. But still, it is nice to read these snapshots of where I was, what I was doing, and how I was feeling on a certain day.

I actually wrote on October 31, 2011, for example, that it would be so cool to be able to come back and do a Master's program in Germany. Who knew I would end up getting accepted to grad school in Germany a few years later.

Crazy what can happen in 3 years.

Have you ever kept a journal? Do you still have it?


  1. Oh, that entry is so cute! I like your comparison to Kindergarteners at nap time. Do you still keep a journal? I really should, I threw my old embarrassing teenage ones out about ten years ago, and haven't written any since.

  2. I was nervous about posting a picture of the journal at first, but I guess it was worth it if someone found it amusing ;) And no, I do not keep a journal anymore. This is the only journal I ever kept in my life, actually, and it only spans from August 31 to December 17, 2011.

  3. I kept a journal every day throughout my senior year of college. I've no idea where the notebooks went but man, I'd love to read about what I chronicled during that year...!

  4. How exciting that your life has changed so much :) Thank you for sharing!

    Interested in making new blog friends and getting a kickass journal? Check out my latest post! :)

  5. Every day?! Those would definitely be interesting to go back and read!

  6. 1. You have such neat handwriting!
    2. I wish I'd kept an honest-to-God, legit journal like that when I started traveling!
    3. Congrats on your expativersary! :)

  7. 1. I am happy you think so ;)
    2. It is very cool to look back on. I just wish I had written more...
    3. And thanks!

  8. Love your journal entry! I flew with Swiss air once and found their food weird. My flight to Taiwan was with Emirates and my reaction their food was very similar to what you write here. The first thing I said to my boyfriend when I landed was "I would fly Emirates again purely for the food!!".


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