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Monday, June 30, 2014

How to Decorate a German-American Apartment

Decorating a German-American apartment

Germany and the U.S. played each other on Thursday, June 26. Although Germany won 1-0, both the U.S. and Germany get to go on to the next round!

Since I am living with a German, I wanted to go all out when decorating the apartment for the game. I split up the living room into two sides.

German-American decorations

The German boyfriend and I actually did not own any flags (besides the Chicago flag), so we ordered both of the flags you see earlier that week on Amazon.

German decorations

I started off by hanging the German flag in the corner above the TV. We were given the German drum (to the left of the TV) and car accessories (taped to the sides of the TV) when walking around Lüneburg recently, and Marco got the German hat as a free gift when he bought his soccer jersey this year.

I wrapped German-colored ribbon around the two bottom cabinets, and if you look closely, you can also see the little German flag sticker stuck to the bottom of the TV frame.

America decorations

After hanging the American flag in the other corner, I went on a hunt through our apartment for anything that was red, white, or blue. The first thing I found was the Chicago flag, which I gave to Marco after he visited me for the first time. I laid this out on our dining table. 

I also set out a bowl (that I stuck an American flag on) and red and blue candle holders. To dress up our potted plants, and I cut strips of red and white paper and wrapped it around the pots. 

German veggie plate and American fruit plate

Since it was a World Cup party, I knew I needed to make some snacks as well. So, I decided to stick to this German-American theme by making a German veggie plate and an American fruit plate. The German veggie plate has black olives, red peppers, and yellow peppers, and the American fruit plate has strawberries and blueberries. Marco had the great idea of using whipped cream between the strawberries for the white strips, but that didn't end up happening...

Oh, and one last thing. Although this (unfortunately) was not delivered in time for the game, Marco and I are now proud owners of this flag:

German-America Flag

Marco calls it the flag of Germerica. Here is to hoping we can hang it from the balcony when the U.S. faces Germany in the World Cup finals (which will happen only in our wildest dreams, I know...)!


  1. I bought my flags (a Germany and an England one) from the 1 Euro shop!

    1. Lucky! I went to Tedi looking for decorations, but they just had those schwarz-rot-gold Hawaiian lei things.

  2. Great post! I sooooo loved the Chicago flag as a table cloth :-) I wonder how many other Chicago expats are living here in Germany.

    Take care and all the best!

    - Ryan from Düsseldorf

    1. Thanks so much, and I am happy to hear from another fellow Chicago expat living in Germany!


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