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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tomato Update: Week 11

I have not posted an update on the tomato plants since week 5. So, I figured I should give a new update on how they are doing.

It has now been 11 weeks since the seeds were planted, and they have really developed into beautiful and healthy tomato plants. In total, 8 plants have made it to this stage, most of which have been given away to friends. We have kept 3 for ourselves, however.

We planted two of the plants in our balcony's flower boxes. I did read online that this is a bad idea, but oh well. You can see that I created quite a set-up to ensure that they will not fall over or blow away. Each of these plants should produce cherry tomatoes.

The third plant is kept in a large pot on the floor of our balcony. This is the only plant of the 8 that should produce normal-sized tomatoes.

The above pictures were taken about a week ago when we first transplanted them. Since then, they have not really changed much, except for something I just discovered today:

Flower buds! One of the flower-box plants and the plant on the ground have both grown flower buds. This is very exciting, because it is these flowers that will become fertilized and turn into tomatoes!

I will report back as more progress is made :)


  1. How are you going to fertilize them?

    1. Have the bees been busy at your's so far?
      Our's have been and Matthias already spotted the first little green bulbs!
      Thanks again for providing us with the plants. It's exciting to watch them grow and prosper.

    2. We have one little tiny one that I just noticed today! Matthias sent a picture to Marco today, though, and yours are much bigger... :(

    3. Well, but our's have been much longer indoors and are therefore a little ahead in their development.
      I'm sure your's will have multiple too in no time. ;-)


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