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Monday, March 24, 2014

The American Foods I Miss Most

My March article for Expat Focus was about the American foods that I miss most. To accompany the article, I wanted to make a blog post with some delicious pictures. I also put the six foods that I mentioned in order according to what I miss most.

6. Girl Scout Cookies (particularly Samoas)

Girl Scout Cookies by Hinnosaar

5. Root Beer

A&W Root Beer by Banzai Hiroaki

4. Cheese Popcorn

Billy's Lounge Popcorn by stevendepolo

3. Red Licorice

Red Vines by Incase

2. Reese's

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups by KEF08

1. Mac and Cheese

Kraft Mac & Cheese Three Cheese by Myself :)

For more words on this subject, make sure to check out my article on Expat Focus!


  1. Very nice pictures but I thought you said Reese's pieces!!

    1. Well, I miss Reese's in general. But of all Reese's candies, I do like Reese's Pieces the best ;)

  2. Umm no Reese's in Germany?! I think I could die...import them in?

    1. I know! My life is a struggle ;) I usually just eat nutella+peanut butter right off the spoon when I need my chocolate+pb fix. But trust me, Reese's are a staple for whenever my mother sends me a package from the US.


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