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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

German Peanut Butter Review

Germans aren't big on peanut butter. In fact, when I made Marco try it for the first time almost three years ago, he told me it was disgusting. Luckily, he's been around it so much since then that he has grown to like it.

I, on the other hand, love peanut butter. I probably go through about two jars per month. Sometimes I think that I am responsible for at least half of Lüneburg's peanut butter sales.

So, I decided I will start keeping a little log of all the brands I try in Germany.

We will start with the three I have in my cupboard at the moment:

1. McEnnedy Smooth Peanut Butter

Where to get it: I bought this one from Lidl, a German grocery store, during their "American Week" (it is only during this time that Lidl sells peanut butter at all). Do you like the stereotypical American label?

What it tastes like: It basically tastes like off-brand Jif. Very smooth and very sweet. It's made from 93% peanuts, but brown sugar as the second ingredient on the list.

Would I buy it again: Definitely not my favorite, but I still like it on toast. So, I would buy it whenever American Week rolls around again.

2. Alnatura Crunchy Peanut Butter

Where to get it: This is an "all natural" brand, and you can see on the bottom that it is also organic (bio in German). It is sold at DM, which is like a German Walgreens.

What does it taste like: If you look at the peanut butter on the spoon, you can immediately see that this has quite a strange consistency and color. It is very dry and very salty. It tastes like eating chopped up peanuts covered in fat, which it basically is. The only ingredients listed are peanuts (88%), oil, and salt. I would say that they didn't keep the blender on long enough when they made this, though. It is full of whole and half peanuts.

Would I buy it again: Definitely not. It is not spreadable by any means, so the only real option is to eat it with a spoon, which is not particularly enjoyable.

3. PCD Pinda Kaas

Where to get it: This one actually comes from the Netherlands, hence the strange name (Pindakaas). They carry it at Edeka, which is one of Germany's biggest supermarkets, though.

What does it taste like: This one is actually my favorite peanut butter that I have tried in Germany so far. It is creamy, but has a slight grittiness to it that reminds you it is made from real peanuts.

Would I buy it again: The one in the picture is already empty, and that is probably the 5th jar I have bought in the past 6 months. So... yeah.

What's your favorite brand of peanut butter? Do you like your peanut butter crunchy or creamy?


  1. Hi Courtney,

    I just stumbled on your blog a few weeks ago through I love reading about your experiences in Germany. I'm a fellow expat living near Stuttgart in Baden-Württemberg with my German husband.

    This peanut butter post compelled me to comment. There's a pretty good brand called "Barney's Best" that I buy sometimes. It's sold at Edeka, Rewe and Kaufland as well, I think. They have both smooth and chunky.

    The all natural peanut butter is a good option for recipes that want a require a peanut flavour without the extra sugar, such as some Asian recipes (especially Thai).

    I haven't tried Pindakaas but now I'm curious! Ironically I've seen that brand at a few Asian markets but didn't know it was a Dutch brand. I'll have to give that a try.

    1. I hope it is sold up here in Northern Germany as well. I will look out for it!

  2. Is the pindakaas more expensive? That's what I like about the Lidl one, that it's not so much in comparison, but it does have more!

  3. Surprisingly, no! I remember comparing the price/kg or whatever at Edeka to the normal 1.99€ McEnnedy or whatever brand that every German grocery store carries (I am sure you know what I mean--they are a little smaller with an American flag on them), and it was less expensive. You're right about the Lidl one, it is also less expensive than that typical one.


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