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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Super Fast Shipping from the U.S. to Germany

I am pretty experienced in shipping packages between the U.S. and Germany. All I have learned, however, is that it is impossible to estimate when to expect your package in either direction.

shipping from America to GermanyAsk at the post office, and they will tell you that shipping to Germany takes about 2 weeks. The last few packages my family sent me from the U.S., however, have been especially slow.

Here are the last two packages I got:

Sent from Chicago: 10/17/13
Received in Lüneburg: 11/8/13
Total: 23 days

Sent from New Orleans: 12/9/13
Received in Lüneburg: 12/31/13
Total: 22 days

Damn, that's over 3 weeks both times! When I lived in the U.S. and sent packages to my boyfriend in Germany, he typically got them in abut 10-14 days.

Since I have type 1 diabetes and American health insurance, my mother has to send me my supplies for my insulin pump from the U.S. So when I realized I only had about a month of supplies left, my mother was quick to get the package in the mail. What if it took nearly a month like the last times?

This time, however, she got a tracking number. Here is what happened:

1/21/14 - dropped off at post office (USPS)
1/22/14 - package arrived at Chicago sorting facility
1/22/14 - processed through sorting facility in Chicago
1/24/14 - processed through sorting facility in Germany
1/24/14 - customs clearance processing complete
1/27/14 - arrival at post office in Lüneburg
1/27/14 - delivered to my apartment

Dang! That's only 6 days!

But why was the shipping so fast? My mom didn't pay anything extra to get faster shipping, but if you look at the package you will notice a "Priority" sticker:

shipping from the U.S. to Germany

It specifically says that this is only valid domestically, however, so this can't really be the reason. So what is the moral of this story?

Sometimes shipping from the U.S. Germany takes 6 days, sometimes it takes 26. You can just never know.

Oh, and by the way:

american food


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  1. You are quite the comedic writer!! Love this blog post!!


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