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Friday, December 6, 2013

Happy Saint Nicholas Day!

On the night before December 6th, German children leave a shoe outside their door. In the night, Santa Claus comes and leaves treats in the shoes. I guess this is just his way to buy more time on Christmas Eve, since he has a whole country of children out of the way already.

So this year was my first time getting my shoe filled with candy from Saint Nikolaus! You can see that he really understands me and Marco's different tastes. My boot is on the left, filled with candy. Marco's shoe is on the right, filled with an assortment of salami.

Shoes filled with candy for Saint Nicholas Day in Germany

Another interesting part of this holiday is Knecht Ruprecht (basically Santa's evil counterpart). If children weren't good over the year, then he gives them coal in their shoes. According to Marco, small children also have to give up their pacifiers to Knecht Ruprecht, otherwise they don't get presents. Of course, every German I have talked to about these things have traditions and beliefs surrounding Santa and Knecht Ruprecht that are totally different, so this isn't true for all of Germany by any means.

First snow of the season in Germany on Saint Nikolaus Day

This year, however. Saint Nikolaus did bring another present for us in Northern Germany...

I woke up this morning to this beautiful scene outside the bedroom window, and it has continued to snow all day today.

But now I am curious, do you celebrate Saint Nikolaus day? I know there are many similar traditions in other countries as well. So, let me know!

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  1. Happy Saint Nicholas to you both!!


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