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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Our Christmas Decorations + Advent Calendar

It is almost Christmas here in Germany (and everywhere else, of course), so our apartment is decked out with all the decorations we've got. While I admit it's not much, I think it looks pretty nice. So I wanted to share some pictures of our Christmas decorations with you.

Christmas cards to Germany
Christmas cards from my family in the U.S. on a shelf with some candles above our dining room table.

Christmas stocking and poinsettia
Marco stocking, which I knitted for him last year, hung under the shelf, and a poinsettia on the table.

Christmas table decorations
A baby poinsettia and a candle holder wrapped in tree bark, which was Marco's Christmas gift this year from his professor. Inside I have a pine-scented candle to make up for the fact that our tree is fake, and it smells amazing. Also notice our festive place mats :)

Our first German Christmas Tree
And here is our baby Christmas tree! This year, we decided that instead of buying each other big presents for Christmas, we would just buy each other 24 tiny presents as a kind of advent calendar. In the picture, you can see that we each put our first 5 presents, all wrapped in newspaper, underneath the tree. Since then, we have continued to open one present each morning, which has been a lot of fun.

I hope you like our Christmas decorations. It isn't much, but we are happy with it :)


  1. We love your Christmas decorations! Just enough for the two of you!! Also we received your card today!

    1. Awesome! We just receive your second card. Don't know why they came on different days, but at least they got here. Thanks for the picture ;)

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