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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My First Time Making Wurstsalat

One of Marco's favorite meals and a common dish in Southern Germany is Wurstsalat. This translates to sausage salad. Sounds great, right? Well, if you aren't a meat-lover, you will probably not find this recipe or these pictures very appetizing. I have grown to love this dish, though. So while we were visiting Marco's family, we picked up some pre-sliced meat to make Wurstsalat when we got back home.

Turkey Lyoner for Wurstsalat

Wurstsalat is usually made with a type of bologna known as Lyoner. We purchased turkey Lyoner.

I then began thinly slicing a block of Emmentaler (Swiss cheese). When Wurstsalat is made with cheese, it is called Schweizer Wurstsalat (Swiss sausage salad -- yumm!).

The other ingredients for a traditional Wurstsalat are onion and pickles. So I also thinly sliced one medium-sized onion and about six little pickles. You can see all the ingredients that were added to the meat here.

We then mixed this altogether in a large bowl with a little olive oil, salad seasoning, pickle juice, and water. Usually people use vinegar, but we didn't have any, so we improvised. I know this may not look that appealing to the masses, but it was very delicious. I will be posting updates when I try to recreate this dish with meat I find at grocery stores up here in the north.


Have you ever had Wurstsalat? Is there something similar to this food in other cultures?


  1. I love Emmentaler. We use it for fondue.

    1. Do you think you would like Wurstsalat?

  2. MMMM, I loved wurstsalat when living in Germany. The funny thing I can never explain to people are the names for things in Germany just make sense. Salad seasoning... okay. Sausage Salad... okay. They never sound appetizing but the names usually make sense! Except, Leberkase which... makes no sense since its no liver and no cheese. haha

  3. I remember learning German and then going to the Christkindl market in Chicago and seeing Leberkäse written on one of the food stalls. I was so confused, and definitely thought it was something with liver and cheese (and therefore did not order it).


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