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Friday, October 18, 2013

Moldy Salami

There is nothing that makes me happier to be living in Germany than the moldy salami (sorry, Marco). This may be a bit of an exaggeration, but when I was back in the U.S., people would often ask me, "Courtney, what do you miss most about Germany?"

After contemplating this question for a few days, I came to always respond, "The moldy salami."

While I am sure this kind of meat does exist in some kind of specialty meat shop somewhere in the U.S., it certainly isn't readily available at the local grocery store.

During the few trips to the grocery store where I decided to try to look for this delicious hunk of sausage, my parents could never quite understand what it was I wanted. So I give you moldy salami:

German pork sausage


  1. Das ist höchstwahrscheinlich Cervelatwurst. Und nicht "moldy salami". Kann man auch in den USA kaufen. > Cervelatwurst

    German Cervelatwurst is made of finely ground beef and pork. This type of sausage is very popular in Germany, as it is delicate, mild in taste and easy to slice.

    1. This actually is pure pork salami. And since the casing molds during the drying process, I think it is fine to call it moldy salami. Of course this is not its actual name, but that is what it is known as in our house.


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