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Monday, September 23, 2013

Leberkäse: Bologna Loaf

Leberkäse, aka german bologna loaf

This is Leberkäse. The best way to describe this in English is as bologna loaf. Yes, I know that sounds disgusting, but it's not so bad.

It is a typical food in Southern Germany, where Marco is from, but unfortunately it isn't so common up here. So it is always a special treat for the German boyfriend when he manages to find it in the grocery store.

Eating Leberkäse with sweet mustard (süßer Senf)

Most people eat it as street food on a roll, but we usually just cut 1-inch slices. I love dipping it in sweet mustard (süßer Senf).

Since we just got back from a trip to the south, Marco stocked up on 2 kg of Leberkäse. One went straight into the freezer, and we ate the other one last night. Thankfully, I think he is finally getting sick of eating it :)


  1. Oh my dear Courtney, it most definitely doesn't sound or taste disgusting! I like it in Bavarian restaurants with a Spiegelei on top of a thick slice and wonderful hot German potato salad on the side. A local German butcher has it and I buy a slab whenever I get a chance. Interesting that Beo translates it as "meat loaf". Well, it is a type of meat loaf, but not like the meat loaf we know in America.

    1. Yeah, I thought it didn't look very good at first, but I do love it now. Especially with a Spiegelei on top :)

  2. YUM!!! Leberkase is my favorite! We snag it up every year at the German Christkind Market in Downtown Chicago!

  3. It's my favorite too (and I have also had it at the Christkindl market in Chicago)!


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